2022 was a banner year for Ohio State research, innovation and knowledge

From reaching new highs in research expenditures to attracting a major space research hub, Ohio State has had a banner year in the research, innovation and knowledge space. Here are a few of the university’s top successes for 2022.
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Intel’s decision to build a manufacturing facility in central Ohio has spurred new horizons at the university, including the new Center for Advanced Semiconductor Fabrication Research and Education (CAFE). “The new center will lay the foundation for a sustained, highly skilled and diverse semiconductor manufacturing workforce by developing comprehensive experiential learning frameworks for both graduate and undergraduate students, all while paving the way for leading-edge device technologies through state-of-the-art research," says Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska, vice president for knowledge enterprise.

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The Ohio State University has pioneered foundational, translational and clinical gene therapy platforms, and the university’s new Gene Therapy Institute will support the rapid expansion and utilization of gene therapy globally. Says vice president for research Peter Mohler, “Gene therapy research spans a great deal of the university through the colleges of Medicine, Arts and Sciences, Law, Business, Veterinary Medicine, Engineering and Pharmacy. By establishing this institute, we can better explore interdisciplinary solutions that will improve patient outcomes.”

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The first cohort of the President’s Buckeye Accelerator was announced, with six student led teams earning $50,000 each to fund their entrepreneurial ventures. “The accelerator is a way for us to nurture innovation and entrepreneurship while students are pursuing their degrees,” says Cheryl Turnbull, senior director of the Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship. “By providing teams of students with a network, training and funding, we can accelerate our students’ passions into ventures that make an impact.”

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Ohio State’s most recent economic impact report was released, highlighted by an estimated $19.6 billion of industry output in Ohio, 116,819 jobs across the state, and $663.1 million of tax revenue to state and local governments. Says Scott Osborne, vice president of innovation and economic development, “this study not only highlights the university’s impact on the people and economic wellbeing of our state and region but it serves as a baseline by which to compare future progress.”

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The President’s Research Excellence awards topped $3.3 million with the most recent grant announcement. The grant program aims to attract more externally sponsored research funding, enable curiosity-driven research and discoveries, and address large, complex societal challenges.  “When we invest in some of our own most promising research as a university, other funders take notice,” says Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska, vice president for knowledge enterprise. “Programs like this help further attract partners and funding, supporting the passions of our researchers and accelerating that work where it can impact lives.”

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Ohio State recognized its Innovators of the Year at the annual Research and Innovation Showcase, including Melissa Bailey (Optometry), Katelyn Swindle-Reilly (Engineering), and Madison Tuttle (Arts and Sciences). “Ohio State researchers devote their lives to finding solutions that make lives better. Showing appreciation for our innovators and highlighting their groundbreaking work is a critical part of our work,” says Scott Osborne, vice president of innovation and economic development. 

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Ohio State announced the new name of the growing innovation district on the university’s west campus: Carmenton. Carmenton is bringing private, public and academic sectors together to exchange knowledge, understand problems that seem insurmountable, develop new technologies and accelerate delivering solutions to market and the world. “We are looking forward to opening the first phase of Carmenton in 2023, including the Interdisciplinary Research Facility and the Energy Advancement and Innovation Center. These buildings will be the cornerstone of a live-work-innovate community that pushes boundaries and transforms lives,” says Peter Mohler, vice president for research.

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Ohio State and Nationwide announced a new AgTech Innovation Hub aimed at developing new solutions to help the agricultural ecosystem better understand, manage and mitigate climate risk. “Partnerships like the AgTech hub allow us to collaborate for impact in tackling challenges not only faced by the business community, but by society in general,” says Alissa Comella, associate vice president of corporate partnerships. “We’re grateful to work with Nationwide to bring our collective expertise to the table.”

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Ohio State will serve as the lead partner for the first-ever science park devoted to space research, hosting the earthbound analog of the George Washington Carver Science Park. “This laboratory will be a replica of the Starlab space station science park, allowing researchers to test missions and conduct parallel experiments on the ground, generating positive social, economic, educational and quality-of-life outcomes for a broad range of constituents, in particular, the Ohio agriculture community,” says Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska, vice president for knowledge enterprise.

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Ohio State announced that its annual research and development expenditures crossed a record-breaking threshold in 2021, totaling more than $1.236 billion. “Research and innovation is at the heart of our mission to improve lives at the university. As we grow and attract investment in groundbreaking, convergent research, we can address large, complex societal challenges,” says Peter Mohler, vice president for research.