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The Enterprise for Research, Innovation and Knowledge positions Ohio State to expand curiosity-driven research and creative expression, further develop our research community including faculty, staff and students, and grow the innovation ecosystem to address societal challenges and improve communities locally and globally.

Enterprise pillars

Research Operations

Supporting researchers in discovery and efforts to grow Ohio State's research and creative expression enterprise

Knowledge Enterprise

Identifying emerging research opportunities and provides resources to grow research talent

Innovation and Partnerships

Advancing commercialization, build corporate partnerships and stimulate entrepreneurial and startup activities

Carmenton District

Ohio State's innovation district where students, researchers, businesses and start-ups converge and collaborate to improve lives.

Research and Innovation Showcase 2022

When seekers, creators, visionaries, and scholars connect refusing to yield to those who say it can’t be done, a better, more hopeful, and vibrant future emerges. The Research Innovation Showcase celebrates those unsatisfied with the status quo and inspires more to wonder, inquire and discover new knowledge.

Targeted Investment Areas

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Smart Mobility

Ohio State is at the leading edge of research that will transition today’s legacy fossil fuel-based transportation system into an integrated mobility ecosystem utilizing smart grid-connected vehicles.
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Ohio State provides next-generation workforce education and leading-edge research in microelectronics by bringing together world-class research faculty and engaging innovative students.
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Ohio State leads new research discoveries while educating the next generation of leaders in aviation and space, including engineers, astronomers, physicists, space explorers and policy makers.

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