John Beacom, PhD, receives 2022 Distinguished Scholar Award

John Beacom, PhD, receives 2022 Distinguished Scholar Award
March 2, 2022

John Beacom, Henry L. Cox Professor of physics and astronomy, Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor and director of the Center for Cosmology and AstroParticle Physics (CCAPP), received the 2022 Distinguished Scholar Award. The award was announced to a surprised Beacom by senior leadership with Enterprise for Research, Innovation and Knowledge at a recent College of Arts and Sciences Department of Physics meeting. 

Beacom specializes in neutrinos, working at the nexus of nuclear physics, particle physics and astrophysics. Through theoretical calculations and experimental interpretation, he shows what can be learned from rare events about fundamental particles and the physics of supernovae, neutron stars and black holes. He is especially known for his scholarship on the history of star formation, the census of supernovae across cosmic time, and the associated diffuse supernova neutrino background. 

You have made numerous and profound impacts, both in your field and at Ohio State. We are very grateful for scholarship, and you are an incredible member of our faculty.”
Susan Olesik Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and dean of natural and mathematical sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences

Beacom has made significant contributions to other topics in nuclear and particle astrophysics, including probes of the particle nature of the dark matter that binds together galaxies and shapes the structure of the universe, as well as the emission, propagation and detection of gamma rays and cosmic rays from astrophysical sources.

Thank you for your warm and supportive remarks. I've been here since 2004 and it's been a really wonderful time. The thing that makes it wonderful is the people I work with. The science is great but doing science with your friends is incredibly better.”
John Beacom 2022 Distinguished Scholar Award

The Distinguished Scholar Award is among the highest annual honors awarded at Ohio State. The university-level award honors six faculty members who demonstrate scholarly activity, conduct research or creative works, that represent exceptional achievements in their fields and garnered distinction for the university.

Award recipients are nominated by their departments and chosen by a committee of senior faculty, including past award recipients. Distinguished Scholars receive an honorarium and a research grant to be used over the next three years.