ERIK engages Faculty Fellows to enhance connectivity

The Enterprise for Research, Innovation and Knowledge has engaged a number of faculty in Fellow roles to help lead and advance the work of the research and creative enterprise at the university. This work is vital to help support the unit and position Ohio State to expand curiosity-driven research and creative expression activities, further develop our research community, including students, faculty and staff to be leaders both today and in the future, and grow the innovation ecosystem to address societal challenges. Meet the Faculty Fellows for the 2022-23 Academic Year below: 

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Tina Henkin  is continuing her role as Faculty Fellow for Awards and Nominations reporting to the Office of Knowledge Enterprise. Tina is working to increase the recognition of our outstanding faculty by facilitating successful nominations for prestigious external awards. With the help of a task force of faculty leaders, she has been working to help units identify candidates and prepare nomination packets. In addition, she is working with other groups on campus to increase the visibility of past and new award successes. Tina is Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Robert W. and Estelle S. Bingham Professor of Biological Sciences, and is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. 

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John Horack will help Ohio State grow and diversify our space research and innovation portfolio. He serves in two roles: Senior Advisor for Space Research through ERIK; and Research Development Faculty Fellow for Space Research through the Office of Knowledge Enterprise, Research Development. In these roles, John will engage with faculty and research staff from across the university to build and implement a strategy to significantly grow space relevant research at Ohio State while also advising and coordinating public and private sector partnership opportunities in space relevant innovation, outreach and education. John will continue his role as Neil Armstrong Chair in Aerospace Policy with both the College of Engineering and John Glenn College of Public Affairs. 

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Siddharth Rajan joined ERIK and the Office of Knowledge Enterprise as Chair of the newly created Microelectronics Strategy Council, where he will lead an interdisciplinary strategy council to assess university research capabilities and capacities in microelectronics research. This work is a direct result of Intel’s entry into Ohio and the larger national effort to reinvigorate the microelectronics ecosystem. He will have a pivotal role in ensuring Ohio State is prepared to harness its expertise and scale in semiconductor-related research and workforce training. Siddharth is Professor in the Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering. 

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Mytheli Sreenivas, serves as the the Arts and Humanities Faculty Fellow in the Office of Research. In this role, she provides formal feedback on specific programs and support that could be offered by the Office of Research to increase the distinction of research and creative expression in the arts and humanities; serves as a liaison between the Office of Research, the College of Arts and Sciences, the Global Arts and Humanities Discovery Theme and others to leverage existing relationships and develop others that increase interdisciplinary research and creative expression throughout the Ohio State community; and drives arts and humanities-related initiatives which aims to establish Ohio State as a leading public university in amplifying the arts and humanities within and across its research, creative expression, and engagement. Sreenivas is a professor of history and women’s, gender and sexuality studies in the College of Arts and Sciences.