President's Research Excellence - Frequently Asked Questions

Proposal Format and Required Content

Proposals should use 1-inch margins, single spacing, and a font no smaller than Arial 10.

No. All proposals received will be evaluated by new reviewers and treated as a new, standalone proposals.

References are optional and, if included, do not count toward proposal page limitations noted in the RFPs.

Eligibility and/or Team Composition

No – PIs and/or Co-PIs may only be named as such on one proposal per PRE funding cycle. However, an individual named as PI/Co-PI in a proposal may be listed on additional proposals as a collaborator – but that person cannot count toward meeting the two-college or number of investigator requirements.

No – investigators whose Tenure Initiating Units are at the College of Medicine, regardless of department, are considered to be from one college and would not meet the two-college representation requirement. 

No, investigators affiliated with Nationwide Children’s Hospital are appointed with the College of Medicine. Thus, they would be assigned the College of Medicine when confirming team eligibility.

Yes, but a team member from Ohio State would need to be selected as an Administrative PI for the purposes of transferring funds if awarded.

Yes, emeritus faculty with an active research program are eligible to serve as PI or Co-PI.

Yes, but documentation of the person’s hiring/start date would be required to confirm eligibility. Documentation could be a signed letter from the department chair, or a copy of a signed offer letter.


PRE funding cannot be used to support external collaborators, but teams may utilize them to support the project as a partner.


No.  Applicants can create a simple budget table that lists all anticipated project expenses, taking care to ensure all budget requests comply with allowable spending noted in the Catalyst RFP.