Strategic Research Travel Program

In alignment with the university’s goal to double sponsored research within this decade, the Strategic Research Travel Program provides up to 50% of total costs not to exceed $1,500 per person for Ohio State faculty and principal investigators to travel to meet with one or more external research sponsors to conduct the following positioning activities:

  • Discuss an identified large-scale, multidisciplinary, and/or significantly strategic funding opportunity to understand the sponsor’s priorities and ensure the best chance of success;
  • Explore potential funding opportunities for future collaboration surrounding an identified research topical area for which Ohio State possesses significant strength, and/or;
  • Provide input to sponsors to help drive the development of innovative programs and/or influence the sponsors’ future strategic plans.

Effective positioning is an important component of strategic research development. This kind of activity occurs well before a sponsor releases a solicitation. Further, these efforts are usually part of a longer-term business development plan for pursuing larger, multidisciplinary funding opportunities.


Who is eligible? 

Individual PIs or multiple investigators on a team (up to three, if justified) may request support. Support will only be considered for applicants who have:

  • Identified a large, multidisciplinary, and/or strategically significant funding opportunity to target and/or a research area in which Ohio State has significant strength to potentially influence the sponsors’ future funding opportunities and focus area(s);
  • Engaged with a specific external funding sponsor(s) about the identified opportunity and/or research topical area, and;
  • Secured interest from the external funding sponsor to meet in person to discuss the opportunity or research topical area.

What expenses are covered?

Reimbursable travel costs include airfare, per diem hotel and food expenses, and ground transportation.  All university travel must adhere to the university’s travel policy.


Examples of activities NOT supported through this program include:

  • Travel to general conferences/meetings at which sponsors may be present
  • Travel to meet with sponsors where a targeted funding opportunity or research topical area of national significance has not been identified as this program is not intended to support general networking with sponsors
  • Travel to conduct preliminary research in preparation for future research proposal submission


How do I apply? 

Successful applicants will be able to make a case for how their proposed travel will contribute to Ohio State’s desire to pursue strategic funding opportunities with priority given to those that address emergent and convergent research of societal significance aligned with national priorities. Applicants may be asked to provide additional information during the review process. In addition, those selected to receive support may be asked to meet with a member of the Research Development Office or an experienced Ohio State research prior to travel to increase the chances that the visit will be successful. All recipients must a brief report summarizing the results of the trip prior to fund transfer.

Applications are reviewed monthly, with those received by the 25th reviewed and applicants notified of the outcome by the end of that month. Applicants are encouraged to submit requests well in advance or be prepared to explain the extenuating circumstances prompting a request for travel less than 30 days following the end of the prior review period.

All awards are contingent upon the availability of funds. For more information, please contact Laurie Neer.