Growing Research Opportunities (GRO)

Positioning Ohio State for research excellence in new areas

The complex challenges we face often require new ways to collaborate that integrate multiple disciplinary approaches to create new knowledge and solve long-standing problems. Growing Research Opportunities (GRO) offers a multi-faceted set of programs that aim to foster intellectually diverse, collaborative research across academic domains, catalyze new scholarly pursuits and help generate compelling, team-based funding proposals.

GRO Academy

The Office of Knowledge Enterprise (OKE) invites self-nominations from all colleges for our annual leadership development program: Growing Research Opportunities (GRO) Academy. This program will equip faculty with the skills needed to lead large/complex or strategically significant, interdisciplinary collaborations in pursuit of external funding. The GRO Academy is one of a series of programs designed to foster intellectually diverse, collaborative research which catalyzes new scholarly pursuits, and helps generate compelling future funding proposals.

The self nomination deadline for the 2022 academy is Monday, March 21, 2022 at 5 p.m. 

The GRO Academy includes nine, 90-minute sessions, followed by small group self-reflection/discussion with colleagues, where participants will engage in interactive knowledge and skill building activities that address:

  • GRO Academy kickoff reception/dinner and keynote address on “The Future of Research Leadership at Ohio State”
  • The scholarship on interdisciplinary teams and team dynamics
  • Leadership and management styles/skills
  • Building diverse and inclusive teams
  • Team Formation, creating a shared vision and goals
  • Collaboration skills and trust building in teams
  • Project and team management tools
  • Conflict and decision-making in teams
  • Communication and accountability

The program is primarily aimed at mid-career faculty, although tenured/tenure track faculty of any rank may self-nominate. Those selected will participate in approximately 30 hours of program participation from April through June 2022, including session preparation/attendance and between session meet-ups. These sessions will be distributed over 6-8 weeks, so that no more than two sessions will occur in any calendar week. Those completing the program will be designated as GRO Leadership Fellows. Want to learn more about the program? Meet the 2021 GRO Academy Fellows

Self-nomination and Selection

Interested individuals may apply by preparing and uploading a 5-page PDF document comprised of an annotated list of your five most impactful scholarly or creative works (2 pages maximum) along with a personal statement (3 pages maximum). Details about the self-nomination requirements can be found at the application link below. 

The selection team comprised of academic and/or research leaders representing applicants' disciplines will review/rank nominees. Our goal is to recruit a diverse cohort across all disciplines, genders, racial diversity, and other attributes to build an inclusive and representative cohort. Executive leadership in the Enterprise for Research, Innovation and Knowledge will make final selections. We anticipate inviting 20-24 faculty to participate in the program.

If you have questions or require additional information, please contact Jeff Agnoli (, Deborah Hernandez ( or Laurie Neer (

GRO Ideation Workshops

GRO Ideation Workshops are designed to help teams hone their ideas and develop strategies and action steps to pursue external funding. Selected interdisciplinary or convergence research teams will engage in four, 90-minute virtual workshops. During these workshops team members will engage with one another to:

  • Build consensus and shared vocabulary on key components of an interdisciplinary or convergent research question;
  • Generate and prioritize new ideas or approaches to address the question;
  • Draft positioning strategies for potential external sponsors;
  • Draft a collaboration agreement that defines shared goals, roles and responsibilities among team members, and methods for communication and conflict resolution; and
  • Produce an action plan with major milestones for 90 days, 6 months, and 1-2 years towards submission of a proposal for external funding within 12-24 months.

This program window is currently closed. We will notify the research and creative expression community when future windows open.

  • Interested teams will e-mail their intent to apply to The e-mail should identify an interdisciplinary question proposed for team ideation and list the three to five core faculty representing the primary disciplinary domains involved in the proposed team.
  • Teams should be comprised of 3-5 PI-eligible core leaders representing a minimum of three distinct disciplines from at least two colleges.
  • Full proposals (3 pages following a specified format) are due by 5 p.m. on September 13, 2021.
  • There is no budget for the workshops; facilitation and collaboration software are covered by the GRO program.
  • Team members should expect to devote approximately 10 hours of effort to this process (6 hours of meeting time and 4 hours of between workshop activities).