About the Knowledge Enterprise

Objectives and strategies


Develop Ohio State's research talent pipeline

  • Provide professional development for research leaders
  • Support early-career researcher development 
  • Build team science fluency among researchers

Strategically grow and diversity Ohio State's sponsored research portfolio

  • Offer interdisciplinary team formation and support
  • Support development of largescale and strategic proposals
  • Oversee central cost-share and limited submissions processes
  • Increase researcher agency awareness and fluency

Establish Ohio State leadership in emerging topics and with key agencies

  • Develop and implement targeted growth strategies
  • Incentivize interdisciplinary teams and emerging topics
  • Drive strategic federal agency engagement and partnerships
  • Provide competitive research data analytics

Organization and Roles


Administration and operations

Designs and implements targeted initiatives and provides centralized administrative, business, financial, and operational resources to further Ohio State's pursuit of leadership in strategic areas of strength.

Research development

Identifies existing and emerging areas of opportunity for targeted development and investment and positions Ohio State to successfully compete for external funding in those areas.

Talent and team development

Develops and deploys a continuum of programming to grow research capacity across the campus community.