Making People Care: Elevator Speech Development Coaching Workshop

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Feb 15, 2023
Time: Wednesday 10-11:30am
Virtual Event
Featured speaker:
Phil Saken, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications, Ohio State College of Nursing
Registration closed: Feb 14, 2023
Registration closed: Feb 14, 2023

This virtual interactive workshop will guide you through the strategy, steps and storytelling in the development of your ideal elevator speech so that you can bring your research passion to life for any audience. After introduction and guidance from the facilitator, participants will have the opportunity to craft their own elevator speech and workshop it with fellow participants for feedback and refinement to make drafts stronger and give others ideas on how to recraft their own elevator speech storytelling. Please register using your email address. 

About facilitator Phil Saken:

I once auditioned for “American Idol” … and got beaten out by a mime.

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Good thing I chose communications as my career path. My professional life has centered on telling stories with impact. I am grateful for the opportunities I've had to create success in strategic, media, business, academic, internal, external, speechwriting, government/public policy, crisis and rapid-response communications. I've also demonstrated an ability to build and nurture deep relationships that grow brand ambassadorship in any professional and personal setting.

I began my communications career as a two-time Emmy-winning broadcast journalist, working as an anchor, reporter and producer over my 12-year tenure in news. Since leaving TV news, I've served in communications leadership positions in public policy (Ohio House of Representatives), academia (The Ohio State University in both academic and non-academic units) and corporate (McDonald's).

Of all the titles I've held over my career, my all-time favorite is "daddy." I live in Columbus, Ohio with my wife Elizabeta and our three sons, Aleksander, Kristofer and Lukas.