Central Cost Share Request

Request process for sponsored research proposals

Managed by the Office of Knowledge Enterprise, the Enterprise for Research, Innovation and Knowledge (ERIK) has implemented a process for central university cost share requests for Sponsored Research Proposals to increase transparency and provide a standard experience across colleges. 

Cost sharing is the contribution of quantifiable financial and non-financial support to a sponsored project. It is generally the responsibility of the units proposing the project; however, there are times when commitment of a quantifiable resource from the central university is required or necessary to meet a sponsor’s specific requirements.

Requests for central cost share are:

  • submitted through ERIK’s limited competition portal a minimum of one month in advance of the proposal submission deadline 
  • submitted by college Deans, Associate Deans for Research, or an assigned college delegate
  • reviewed as soon as practical upon receipt, and every effort made to provide a response within one (1) calendar week


  • Requests are considered for proposals of significant size and scope that are prestigious for the university and aligned with an identified university-level strategic priority.
  • Proposals must also meet one of the following criteria:
    • The proposal supports multidisciplinary, cross-unit research from more than one school or college.
    • The proposal is for research equipment or facility renovations that will benefit multiple investigators from multiple schools/colleges.
  • Institutional cost share must be required by the program announcement, or there must be a strong indication by the sponsor that institutional commitment of cost share is expected.
  • Participating units are expected to maximize the amount of in-kind cost share; ERIK will provide no more than 1/3 of the total Ohio State institutional cash component of the cost share. In the case of NSF instrumentation proposals, ERIK will support a maximum of 10 percent of the total cost of the equipment or other budget items for which cost share is requested.
  • Requests for graduate tuition/fee waivers are separate and must be requested through the Graduate School.

How to submit a central cost share request

Step 1 | The requesting PI should download the Cost Share Request form, complete sections A and B, and then forward the form, a completed draft of the internal proposal budget, and a brief project narrative, summary, or abstract (e.g. existing draft proposal or proposal summary) to the college Associate Dean for Research, Dean, or assigned college delegate (if/as instructed by the unit) to review and complete the request process. 

Step 2 | The Associate Dean for Research, Dean, or assigned college delegate authorized to review and submit will review the PI’s request and complete section C of the Cost Share Request form. 

Step 3 | The Associate Dean for Research, Dean, or assigned college delegate will submit the official request for cost share as follows: login to this portal using Ohio State credentials when prompted, review the cost share request instructions to ensure process compliance, click “Apply to This Opportunity” at the bottom of the page, and then upload

  1. the Cost Share Request form with Sections A, B, and C completed;
  2. the draft internal proposal budget; and
  3. the brief project narrative/summary/abstract.

Once uploaded, click “submit information.” The college’s authorized individual will receive an e-mail from OR helpdesk to confirm that their request has been submitted.


For questions about the central cost share request process, contact Laurie Neer, Office of Knowledge Enterprise Operations Manager (neer.57@osu.edu or 614-292-8170).