Facts and Figures


$1.236 Billion in Annual Research and Development Expenditures

As of Fiscal Year 2021

2.5 Million sq. ft. Assigned Research Space

As of 2020

5th in Industry Sponsored Research 

Higher Education Research and Development Survey (HERD) 2020 among all institutions

15th in Research and Development Expenditures 

National Science Foundation (NSF) 2019 among all institutions


121 Corporate Partnerships

As of 2020

105 Active Startups

As of end of Fiscal Year 2021

114 Technologies Licensed

As of end of Fiscal Year 2021


$20 Million President's Research Excellence Program

Over 10 years

1,587 Principal Investigators with One or More Sponsored Grant/Contract 

As of Fiscal Year 2020

21 Faculty in Growing Research Opportunities Academy 

As of 2020